About Sanna…

Growing up in a small town in rural Japan, I spent my formative years observing my father, who is an accomplished artist of sculpture and painting, often helping him display his work in many exhibitions.

It was at this young age that I fell in love with photography. I loved looking through fashion magazines and cutting out the photos that I really liked. This served as an inspiration for things to come.

As a young adult, I pursued my passion for photography as a hobby initially, travelling around the world with my trusty film camera in hand. Being in such cities as New York, Jakarta, Havana, and Montreal, to name a few, gave me a great appreciation for capturing candid images of ordinary people in their everyday lives and the unique facial expressions evoked. With experience and growing passion, I would spend hours in the darkroom experimenting on just the right effect for my black and white prints, with the intent of creating aesthetically beautiful artistic photos.

With a talent for coaxing out the authentic beauty of each person through their facial expressiveness, I have gained an invaluable experience as a photographer and artist, continually growing and challenging myself through an ever-changing and evolving industry. It is my hope that the varied photo gallery of digital images I present will help articulate my passion for capturing the beauty of each moment, of every person, and my true desire of making each image a precious memory for you to cherish for years to come.

I am now settled in beautiful North Vancouver, British Columbia, with my wonderful and supportive husband, making the tranquil, scenic beauty of the North Shore mountain my home.